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New Products
Business Productivity
ClarisWorks Office
A Space-Saving Office Suite

Looking for an office suite that doesn't eat up a large chunk of your hard drive? ClarisWorks Office economizes disk space and RAM usage, and offers a complete business productivity package as well.

Its cross-platform compatibility eliminates the need for translation when sharing files between Macintosh and Windows operating systems.

The suite includes ClarisWorks 5.0, which features word processing, spreadsheet, database, graphics and presentation capabilities. It also provides Internet connection software, a collection of ready-to-use templates and the Claris Home Page 2.0 Lite Web-authoring program. Using the suite's button bar, you can create custom buttons on your desktop to launch other applications, documents and Web sites.

Need a little help? ClarisWorks assistants offer layout, design and content help in creating newsletters, presentations, envelopes and labels.

$79. Claris Corp., 800-325-2747, 408-727-8227. Winfo #673

Windows Magazine, September 1997, page 82.

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