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Logical Decisions for Groups 4.1 helps speed the group decision-making process by letting you consider the opinions of the individual members. You can see the effects of agreement and disagreement among the group and understand how such variables impact a decision. The program allows you to view and compare individual responses, or you can maintain a participant's anonymity.


Logical Decisions

800-35-LOGIC, 303-526-7536

Winfo #676

Time & Profit 2.0 integrates and automates all your record-keeping requirements. Features include Clients, which maintains a client register with auto telephone dialing and auto address printing; Calendar, which lets you enter your schedule; the Billing window, which automatically tracks and records all billable hours and materials from the calendar events, then generates invoices and statements; and the Checkbook window, which displays your check, deposit, ATM, transfer and payroll forms.

Single user, $179; 5 users, $485


888-713-5322, 714-622-0884

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Get up-to-the-minute market information with the Thomson Investors Network. Using Java technology, the subscription-based Web site offers a LiveTicker, which displays the latest market information. The Thomson TipSheet includes quotes, graphs, fundamental information, earning estimates, analyst ratings and news on more than 16,000 stocks and mutual funds.

$9.95 per month; $89.95 per year

Thomson Financial Services


Winfo #678

Windows Magazine, September 1997, page 82.

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