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Catch a Draft from Open Windows

If you need to view and edit many drawings at once, Vdraft can accommodate you. The program opens each drawing in its own window, so you can cut and paste between Vdraft drawings or between Vdraft and AutoCAD (up to Release 13) designs.

Vdraft is compatible with DWG, DXF and SVF files. It also works with Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer for Web publishing and supports long filenames, direct e-mail of drawings and ActiveX automation.

The program includes graphics cues for object snap points, block and Xref preview before and during insertion, dynamic feedback, cursor tips and property toolbars. Add-ons include an attribute extractor, a drawing setup wizard, report generators in Excel and links to Word for spell-checking text in drawings.

$495. SoftSource, 800-877-1875, 360-676-0999. Winfo #578

Windows Magazine, September 1997, page 78.

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