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New Products
In Brief
Communications Software

Total E-Call combines more than 54 telephone, e-mail, answering-machine, voice-mail and record-keeping tools in one package. Answering-machine functions include auto-attendant, personalized greetings and automatic message forwarding to pagers and cellular phones. Express Voice-Mail lets you send messages via the Internet in any language without typing, while its Auto-Polling feature allows you to RSVP to messages by pressing numbers on your telephone keypad.


American Network Systems

888-839-8898, 805-579-8898

Winfo #646

QuickMail Office is comprised of QuickMail Pro client software and QuickMail Pro server software. It features built-in mailing-list capabilities and an e-mail-on-demand service. Internet-ready out of the box, the product supports a full-time or part-time dial-up connection.

5 users, $379.95; 10, $649.95; 25, $1,199.95; 50, $2,199.95; 100, $3,999.95

CE Software

800-523-7638, 515-221-1801

Winfo #647

Windows Magazine, September 1997, page 76.

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