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New Products
Everex StepNote 5
'Cool' Mobile Computing

Take a trip with the new Everex StepNote 5 notebook computer. The StepNote includes a 150MHz Pentium processor and 16MB of EDO RAM, which is expandable to 48MB. Its advanced heat-pipe cooling helps keep the notebook from overheating.

The StepNote's graphics accelerator delivers 2MB of VRAM, which enables its 12.1-inch active-matrix LCD to display a resolution of 800x600 with a 16-bit color depth.

Weighing 7.35 pounds, the StepNote 5 ships with an infrared port and stereo built-in speakers.

Optional components include a lithium ion battery that can replace the standard nickel metal hydride battery, a 10X CD-ROM drive and a removable 230MB magneto-optical drive.

$1,925. Everex Systems, 800-EVEREX1, 510-498-1111. Winfo #572

Windows Magazine, September 1997, page 74.

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