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New Products
LCD Projectors
Dukane ImagePro 8020
Sharp Images for Presentations

Stop squinting at those blurry screen presentations. The Dukane ImagePro 8020 LCD data/video projector combines three polysilicon, TFT active-matrix panels to produce 500 lumens from a 150-watt metal halide lamp. It delivers a true SVGA (800x600) resolution, in addition to a 1024x768 compressed resolution and 500 TV lines of video. The 14-pound projector has two computer and two video inputs.

Using its Digital Pixel Compression System, it can handle input signals, including SVGA, and provides auto-resizing to accommodate both XGA and VGA formats. The unit accepts NTSC, PAL, SECAM and S-VHS video formats. Its remote control includes standard functions such as Freeze Frame and Zoom. Preview lets you view two computer/video sources simultaneously.

$8,995. Dukane Corp., 888-238-5263, 630-584-2300. Winfo #608

Windows Magazine, September 1997, page 64.

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