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LCD Projectors
ASK Impression A4
ASK and Ye Shall See

You no longer need to lug around those cumbersome projectors when making presentations on the road. The ASK Impression A4 LCD projector weighs just 11 pounds and is approximately as small as letter-size paper (5.4 by 9.8 by 11.6 inches). It delivers 500 ANSI lumens from a 150-watt metal halide lamp, which will last up to 2,500 hours.

The Impression A4 produces full-screen projection of computer images up to a resolution of 1152x870 in an Intelligent Resizing mode. Press the Pan button and use the trackball to scroll over the entire 1:1 higher resolution image. VGA (640x480) and video images can be viewed 1:1 or expanded to full screen by pressing the Scale button.

The on-screen menu control system is based on the Windows 95 design. Simply press the menu button on the projector or Batmouse II remote control, and you can access all projector features. Adjust trackball sensitivity, choose among three different on-screen pointers or select Mask to reveal on- screen information.

The projector boasts four single-watt stereo speakers in addition to an optional ceiling mount kit that includes a telescopic mounting pole and a bracket.

The included softcase can hold the projector and a notebook computer.

$9,750. ASK LCD, 800-ASK-LCD1, 201-896-8888. Winfo #606

Windows Magazine, September 1997, page 64.

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