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Imaging Software
Get Ready for Your Close-Up

Touch up your digital blemishes, wrinkles and red eyes with Kai's Photo Soap. Colorful controls and animated tools, such as pens, pencils, brushes and erasers, allow for instant cropping, touch-ups and color correction. Digital paint brushes bend just like real brushes pushing against a hard surface, and pencils flip over so you can use their erasers. After finishing with a tool, you can drag-and-drop it anywhere on the desktop. The autosave function saves the desktop just as it looked last; the auto-clean function sweeps the tools back into a virtual drawer.

Photo Soap works with most file types, including scanned photos and those you've pulled from the Web or taken with a digital camera. You can display the finished products as calendars, greeting cards, screen savers or on Web pages.

$49.95. MetaCreations Corp., 800-472-9025, 805-566-6200. Winfo #845

Windows Magazine, September 1997, page 63.

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