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Clip Art

Klips is a CD-ROM collection of royalty-free stock images. The images are available on five different subject-specific discs: Business, Technology, Lifestyles, Medicine, and Suns, Skies and Clouds. Each disc includes up to 104 images.

$499 each


800-225-2727, 212-353-8600

Winfo #848

PrintMaster Gold Deluxe 4.0 includes over 25,000 graphics and 5,000 color photos. You can select from an extensive selection of project types and templates, including greeting cards, banners, posters, envelopes, calendars, labels, letterheads and stickers.



800-234-3088, 415-897-9900

Winfo #849

Windows Magazine, September 1997, page 63.

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