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How To Buy
Sites to Be Seen

The following sites provide resources for anyone interested in digital cameras.

- http://www.mediaminds.com/camera/camerabody.shtml. Consumer Digital Camera Guide; here you'll find a listing of dozens of available cameras, along with specifications and links to the manufacturers' home pages.

- http://powershot.com. From the Dark Room to the Desktop; sponsored by Canon, this site provides an overview of digital camera technology, from history to terminology.

- http://www.insiteful.com/stoegbauer/. This site offers some basic information on digital photography from a professional photographer.

- http://www.plugin.com/dcg2.html. The Digital Camera Guide; you'll find basic information on specific models, as well as links to the manufacturers' home pages and sample images.

- http://www.digicam.org/. The Digital Camera Club; users who fill in a membership form can sample images and access product reviews, classified ads and more.

Windows Magazine, September 1997, page 256.

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