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Nada. Nothing. Zippo. That's what you'll pay for these incredible freeware applications. We polled our editors to see just which freeware apps they couldn't live without. What we came away with was a list of the best darn freeware no money can buy.

APK Windows Memory Compacting Engine - Defrag and compact Windows memory for smoother memory management. Download APKWMEM32.ZIP 1.64MB

Bill Reid's Space Checker - See how much hard drive space is available. Download BRSPCCHK.ZIP 8KB

The Book 1.1 - Dial the phone or send e-mail directly from an address-book entry. Download TB11INST.EXE 797KB

Catch-UP - Generate a list of possible software updates and appropriate download sites from the Web. Download CTCHUP.ZIP 1379KB

Color Picker for HTML 3.2 - Convert windows colors into the six hexadecimal pairs required for coding Web pages. Download HTMLCL.ZIP 44.2KB

CPU Monitor - Add a system-tray icon that shows the current processor usage on a scale of 0 to 100 in increments of 10. Download CPUMON.ZIP 121KB

DiskData - See the amount of space your files and folders use. Download DSKDAT.ZIP 155KB

DLL Explorer - Find out which DLLs are being used by running processes. Download DLLEXP.ZIP 253KB

DOS2Win - Let DOS programs and batch files send keystrokes to running Windows programs and perform most Windows functions by remote control. Download POWER.ZIP 986KB

Dunce 2.52 - Achieve much easier dial-up networking than Win95 currently provides. Download DUNCE.ZIP 216KB

DUW - See how much space a directory's files and subdirectories use. Download DUW.ZIP 267KB

Faster Backup - Perform faster and less buggy backups than Win95's backup utility allows. Download BACKUPD2.EXE 438KB

Faster Mail - If you use the Exchange client, try this faster update. Download EXUPDUSA.EXE 2.94MB

FastExit 1.2 - Double-click on a Taskbar icon to exit Win95 quickly. Download FSTXIT.ZIP 9.49KB

Free Agent (newsreader) - Get news and information from Usenet newgroups. Download FAGENT.ZIP 1.03MB

FreeDUM 1.0 for Windows 95 - Extend the features of Windows 95's dial-up component. Download FDUM103.ZIP 1.88MB

HTML Printer Driver - Create HTML files from just about any program that prints. Download HTMDRV.ZIP 76.8KB

Internet Assistant for Schedule+ - Save your Schedule+ file as an HTML document. Download SCHIA.EXE 1.20MB

Internet Assistant for Word - Create simple Web pages or get a running start on more complex HTML, such as tables. Download WORDIA.ZIP 1.24MB

Map This - Create client-side and server-side maps. Download MPTHS.ZIP 865KB

Memory Status - View your system's current memory stats. Download MSTAT.ZIP 14.6KB

Microsoft Camcorder - Capture screen events as AVI files. Download CAMCORDR.EXE 652KB

Microsoft GIF Animator - Create simple animated GIFs for your Web site. Download GIFANI.ZIP 1.00MB

Microsoft PowerToys - This is a great, albeit unsupported, collection of shortcuts for Win95 power users. Download ADDON.ZIP 272KB

More Properties - Perform neat tricks such as hiding the Network Neighborhood icon, turning off the splash screen and showing thumbnails of bitmaps as icons. Download MOREPR.ZIP 143KB

Norton AntiVirus Free Scanner - This is a free version of the popular Norton AntiVirus. For the best protection, use Symantec's monthly virus definition updates. Download NAV32SCN.EXE 2.13MB

NotePad+ - Enjoy the simplicity of Windows Notepad without its annoying limitations. Download NTPADP.ZIP 203KB

PEsx - Add a tab to the Properties windows of EXE and DLL files that reports the dependencies of a given DLL or application. Download PESX.ZIP 29.2KB

Quick Disk - Keep a pie chart in your system tray that shows free disk space for your drives or partitions. Download QCKDSK.ZIP 22.1KB

RegClean - Scan your Registry and fix any problems. Download REGCLN.ZIP 1.49MB

Screen Loupe - Magnify parts of your screen. Download LOUPEX.ZIP 50.8MB

Shortcutter - Fix or delete shortcuts with no targets. Download SRTCUT.ZIP 194KB

SpaceTracker - Find out when free space falls below a set level. Download SPCT.ZIP 207KB

StatBar - Monitor free resources and drive space, launch up to five apps at a time, and shutdown, reboot or log off with a single click. Download STATBAR2.ZIP 2.21MB

Ulead PhotoImpact Viewer 4.0 - Print graphics, zoom in and out, convert formats and determine the resolution, color depth and so forth of a graphics file. Download PIVWR40.EXE 1.93MB

ViruSafe Web - Scan downloaded files before they're saved to your hard disk. Download VSWEB40.EXE 1MB

Wincode 2.6 - UUencode/decode UU, XX, MIME and BinHex coding formats. Download wncode.zip 1MB. (formerly XFERP110.ZIP)

Windows Sockets FTP Client Application - This is a 32-bit standard file transfer protocol (FTP) client application for Windows Sockets. Download WS_FTPLE.ZIP 650KB

For all of the following WinMag Exclusive downloads, please visit our "Karen's Toolkit" download forum.

WinMag Disk Scanner - Display the name of every file found in a selected directory or its subdirectories. PWSCAN.ZIP 5KB

WinMag Instance Limiter - Prevent Windows from launching extra copies of large applications. PWONE.ZIP 19KB

WinMag Matchmaker - Make sure the contents of two directory trees are identical, verify the contents of any removable disk, or compare two hard disks. PWMATCH.ZIP 31KB

WinMag Resource Probe - Keep tabs on your RAM. PWRESL.ZIP 9KB

WinMag Shutdown - Run programs automatically just before Windows exits. PWSHUT.ZIP 23KB

WinMag Surfer - See how a program written in Visual Basic or Visual Basic for Applications can control Microsoft's Internet Explorer. PWSURF.ZIP 6KB

WinMag Swap Monitor - Determine how often Win95 uses your hard disk to simulate extra RAM. PWSWAP.ZIP 10KB

WinMag Task List - Display the title bar text of all running Windows programs. PWTL.ZIP 13KB

WinMag Tattler - Extract data from the Registry and display it in a window. PWTATTLR.ZIP 11KB

WinMag Version Browser - Research the background of any Windows-related executable file on your hard disk. PWBROW.ZIP 38KB

WinMag WinWord - Make Microsoft Word run the way you want with these powerful macros. PWWORD.ZIP 3KB

Wintune 97 - Speed up your Windows PC with this WINDOWS Magazine utility. Download WINT975_616.ZIP 992KB

NOTE: Many of these apps require the 16- and 32-bit Visual Basic Runtime Modules 3.0 and 4.0 (vbrun300.dll, vb40032.dll)

Windows Magazine, September 1997, page 200.

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