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E-mail is the most fundamental-and most used-component of the Internet. Though Microsoft doesn't provide all you need to stay connected, you'll find plenty of excellent shareware programs to help you use e-mail effectively.

Listserv Lite

Listserv Lite is the shareware version of Listserv, the original mailing list server. It isn't stripped down at all, and has all the functionality found in NT and UNIX list servers.

Recognized commands include Subscribe, Unsubscribe, Help, Query, Lists and Set. Readers can configure their profiles to receive messages periodically in one large message (digest mode) rather than more frequent, immediate deliveries of smaller messages. The list server can also double as a file server. You can make list archives or other related files available for subscribers to access. Up to 10 lists with 500 subscribers per list, $500; up to 20 lists with 1,000 subscribers per list, $1,000; unlimited lists and subscribers, $1,500; L-Soft International, Download WIN95-LITE.ZIP, 2.18MB.

Avenger 1.4
Tired of languishing in front of your PC, awaiting an important message? Avenger is a personal e-mail notification system that periodically checks your POP mail account and notifies you via pager when new mail arrives. You can receive full text of your messages on an alphanumeric pager, and set rules to filter out messages you want to ignore. $5, Craig Luecke, Download AVENGER.ZIP, 2.51MB.

Gravity 1.1
Gravity is a 32-bit newsreader that performs multitasking capabilities in the background for most newsreading tasks. It includes auto encoding/decoding (for MIME and UU), and searching and filtering abilities that keep you abreast of your favorite newsgroups while weeding out useless postings. $29.95, Anawave Software, Download GRV1_1.EXE, 1.57MB.

Mail Control Pro 3 1/4
TransSoft's Mail Control Pro is the most robust e-mail client around, offering just about every feature conceivable. Standard features include rich-text formatting, a spell checker and live HTTP links. Mail Control Pro can also retrieve messages unattended and supports PGP encryption for security. You can define rules to manage incoming messages by auto-replying, forwarding, deleting and so on. Mail Control Pro supports multiple users and multiple address books. It also includes an ftp client and a Web browser. $50, TransSoft Ltd., Download TMC325.EXE, 6.90MB.

SPAM Attack Pro 2.0
Put an end to those annoying get-rich-quick and other junk e-mail messages. SPAM Attack Pro examines each e-mail message and determines whether it's worth downloading, protecting you from 400 known spammers at installation. You can customize filters by adding new addresses and domains to the spammer list or specifying phrases such as "make money fast" that will identify offensive messages. $29.95, Softwiz Software, Download SPAMATTACK.EXE, 977KB.

Windows Magazine, September 1997, page 200.

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