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The latest versions of Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer make cruising the Web a joyride-for the most part. Unfortunately, a superior browser doesn't always make the Web's endless stream of information easy to manage. If you're looking for a better way to store and retrieve bookmarks and search results, browse offline or even filter content, check out this pack of browser companions.

NetAttaché Pro 2.5b
NetAttaché packs a powerful offline browser, bookmark manager and search tool into a compact UI. Download entire Web sites to your local system, so you can view content without dialing in. Customize site retrieval by including or excluding external links, images, frames, plug-ins, ActiveX and Java applets, and other file types. Once you download a site's contents, you can either update only changed pages or replace the entire site. The Smart Search option even lets you retrieve pages based on keyword criteria you set through Boolean operators (AND, NOT, OR). You can schedule updates according to any time frequency you choose, and search specific Yahoo categories and perform advanced searches on AltaVista and Excite. $49.95, Tympani Development, Download NA32V25B.EXE, 1.41MB.

NetFerret is a utility set that automates search and retrieval over the Internet. Included programs are WebFerret, EmailFerret, FileFerret, IRCFerret, NewsFerret and PhoneFerret. Each program searches the Internet for its respective type of information. $29.95, Vironix Software Laboratories, Download NETFERRET.ZIP, 4083KB.

Net Nanny 3.0
This program takes its job as an electronic baby-sitter seriously. Net Nanny lets you restrict Internet access to potentially explicit or offensive Web sites, chat rooms, ftp sites, e-mail addresses and newsgroups based on criteria and passwords you define. You can download an up-to-date list of potentially offensive sites at http://www.netnanny.com. $39.95, Net Nanny Software International, Download WNN31.EXE, 1.22MB.

QuickLink Explorer Gold 3.0 (beta)
With this Navigator- and Internet Explorer-compatible bookmark manager, tracking your favorite URLs is a cinch. The Windows Explorer-like interface provides a dual-window view, and lets you drag and drop sites into folders. QuickLink auto-launches your browser when you click on any URL, imports current bookmarks and lets you perform searches against your lists. You can even associate specific bookmarks to launch specific browsers. $30, QuickLink Software, Download QLE3B5GC.EXE, 6.42MB.

ScriptActive 1.0
This browser and developer companion adds ActiveX support to Netscape Navigator 3.0. The package features two main components: an ActiveX control conversion utility and the Navigator plug-in required to run the converted application. ActiveX developers can run the conversion utility against their VBScript, and ScriptActive will generate a version Navigator users can view with the plug-in. No extra Java porting is required. $115, NCompass Labs, Download SA2601ER.EXE, 3.2MB

WebCompass 2.0
Navigate your way to the best of the Web's sea of sites with Quarterdeck's search assistant. Not only will WebCompass search more than 35 Internet sources, including search engines, ftp, Usenet and gopher sites, it will also summarize and rank each find. Save your results into topic and subtopic folders. Double-click on any entry, and WebCompass will automatically start your browser and load the page. $49.95, Quarterdeck Corp., Download WC200_TR.EXE, 5.35MB

Windows Magazine, September 1997, page 200.

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