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Improve Your Search Technique

Some of the major search engines supply tips on forming better search queries. Find them at these sites. AltaVista: http://www.altavista.digital.com/cgi-bin/query?pg=h; Infoseek: http://www.infoseek.com/Help?pg=HomeHelp.html; Yahoo: http://search.yahoo.com/search/help?#tips.

Is Your Name A Domain?

Want to know if a domain name exists and, if so, who owns it? Use the Whois utility at the InterNIC, the official domain registry organization (http://rs.internic.net/cgi-bin/whois or http//rs.internic.net/cgi-bin/itts/whois)

Block Adult Sites

To help protect your kids from adult material on the Web, turn on Internet Explorer's site ratings. Go to View/Options, click on the Security tab, and click on the Enable Ratings button in the Content Advisor section.

Automatically Mail Links

If you find an interesting site you'd like to share, you can quickly generate an e-mail message with the link included. In IE3, choose File/Send To/Mail Recipient, or click on the Mail button and select the Send a Link option. In IE4, choose File/Send Link To/Mail Recipient. In Netscape Navigator 3.0, choose File/Mail Document. In Netscape Communicator, it's File/Send Page.

Build an Address Book

Quickly collect your correspondents' names by storing them in your address book. In Netscape Navigator 4.0, right-click on the name in the From field of an open message, and then pick the "Add to address book" option.

Filter Newsgroups

Eliminate the extraneous and uninteresting entries in a newsgroup by filtering messages as they come in. In IE4, pick Tools/Newsgroup Filters, then set up your rules.

Quickly Open HTML Files

You can quickly open HTML files stored on your hard drive. If your browser is open and minimized, select the HTML file icon, drag it to the browser's button on the taskbar, wait for the browser to open, then drag and drop the icon file into the browser's display area. If the browser is already open, just drag and drop the icon in its display area.

Control Your Web Page's Indexing

Help search engines better categorize your page by using the <META name&EQUALS;"description">and <META name&EQUALS;"keywords">tags to provide more information.

Protect Your Privacy

You can prevent sites from collecting and storing your personal information if you surf the Web anonymously. Use a privacy site like Anonymizer (http://www.anonymizer.com) as an intermediary.

Cover Those Ccs

When you send a message to more than one person, you don't always want the recipients to know who else received the mail. Netscape Mail's Blind Cc function prevents recipients from seeing who else you sent the message to. Open a new message, enter your address in the Mail To field and select View/Mail/Bcc to create the Blind Cc field. Enter the mailing addresses of the group recipients in the Blind Cc field and send the message. Each recipient will only see your address and theirs on the message.

Speed Up Page Loading

Surf faster by skipping images when you download a Web page. In IE3, select View/Options, highlight the General tab, and make sure Show Pictures isn't checked. In Netscape Navigator 3.0, pull down the Options menu and make sure Auto Load Images is not checked.

Windows Magazine, August 1997, page 108.

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