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Deltec PowerRite Pro II UPS
UPS Protects Both Standalone and Networked Users

-- by Joel T. Patz

The threat of equipment damage and data loss due to power problems has created a thriving corporate market for uninterruptible power supplies. Protection for standalone and networked users is the mission of Deltec's PowerRite Pro II UPS.

On the simply sculptured front panel of the PRC1000a that we tested (with a power-out rating of 1000 volt amperes per 670 watts), a variety of LEDs let the user know the unit's status at a glance, although the LEDs can be difficult to read. Three sets of four LEDs monitor the range of battery charge, AC input and load level. Other indicators show that power is on, if a site wiring fault (lack of ground) exists, when battery service is needed and that power is available to the six outlets at the back of the unit (two more than its competitor, the APC Smart-UPS 700). Separate power-off and test/alarm reset buttons are also provided.

Deltec's Buck and Double Boost voltage-regulation feature ensures the proper level of output voltage to your system without relying on the battery.

We ran a Pentium 200, 15-inch monitor and a tape backup unit on the PowerRite Pro II for an impressive 57 minutes.

The bundled software, LanSafe III (for Microsoft and Novell networks) and FailSafe III (for standalone users), enables monitoring via a serial cable between your system and the UPS. The Power Monitor screen displays the current load and battery status, and the program lets you perform an orderly shutdown of connected equipment so that critical components stay connected longer. The software will automatically save all named (but not new) files. In the event of a power failure, the software can page you or send an e-mail message.

Because of its reliable system protection, as well as its longer battery life and greater number of outlets, the PowerRite Pro II replaces the APC Smart-UPS 700 on our WinList.

Deltec PowerRite Pro II UPS
Bottom Line: Reliable protection with power-monitoring features
Price: $699 (bundled with LanSafe III and FailSafe III)
Pros: Supports networked systems
Cons: Hard-to-read LEDs
Strongest Rival: APC Smart-UPS 700

Deltec Electronics Corp., 800-DELTEC-1, 619-291-4211. Winfo #662

Windows Magazine, August 1997, page 170.

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