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Jot-It 2.2
Nifty Notes Stick to Your Screen

-- by Joel T. Patz

With remarkable simplicity, Jot-It 2.2 lets you attach electronic sticky notes to just about any onscreen window or file. Other programs, such as Post-it Software Notes, lack Jot-It's ability to link a note to a specific file.

When the program is active, the Jot-It notepad (a stack of sticky notes) appears in a small window. You simply "peel off" a note from the pad, place it anywhere on the application's screen and type your text. Jot-It's concurrent technology remembers where you left the note, so it will be there when you reopen the document.

You can link notes to almost anything, including applications, windows and dialog boxes-though you should avoid placing notes on the control buttons. You can also assign a note to a hot spot: Every time the mouse pointer crosses it, the note will appear. Other Jot-It features allow you to transmit a note as an e-mail (as long as you have a compatible e-mail application such as Microsoft Exchange), attach a note to a Web page or launch a Web site from the program's Web Page dialog box.

Jot-It's flexible customization options let you tailor each note to your needs. You can add scroll bars to a long note or change the note's attributes. In addition, you can even record and attach a sound file to a note.

The program offers right-mouse support for editing functions, as well as print, send and delete commands. Other convenient menu choices let you find and replace text.

After running Jot-It through its paces, we were disappointed to find a flaw: A note saved to a document disappears when you rename and reopen a file. This deficiency is significant enough to keep the product off our WinList.

If you don't frequently rename files, Jot-It 2.2 might be right for you. It provides an easy and enjoyable way to keep track of all those sundry details.

Jot-It 2.2
Bottom Line: Clever utility for adding notes almost anywhere
Platforms: 3x, 95
Price: $29.95
Pros: Customizable notes; can attach sound files to notes
Cons: Disappearance of notes when files are renamed; print in user guide too small
Strongest Rival: Post-it Software Notes 1.5

Jot-It Software Corp., 800-667-4340, 604-986-6121. Winfo #841

Windows Magazine, August 1997, page 151.

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