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Windows on the Web

-- by Cynthia Morgan

If you're looking for information on 56K modem technology, these sites are the best places to start. The first one, U.S. Robotics' site, deals with its x2 technology. The others provide information about rival K56flex technology (for more on 56K modems, see the Windows on the Web feature, July)


U.S. Robotics' official x2 Web site offers technology insights as well as updates on online services that support x2. The site includes a zip code-oriented database of supporting Internet service providers and an update wizard (about 1MB in size) you can download to determine if your USR modem can be upgraded to x2 technology.


Rockwell Semiconductor Systems' site is probably the most informative of all K56flex sites. You'll find a description of the technology, details on supporting vendors, FAQs, news stories, white papers and information on how the technology works.


Lucent Technologies' Web site offers a wealth of background information on K56flex modem technology. You'll also find links to more than 700 modem makers, computer companies and ISPs that support K56flex.


Multi-Tech Systems' "Look Before You Leap" white paper on 56K technology offers some excellent insights into K56flex compatibility trials, and what you'll actually achieve with your new modem. The site is continually updated.

Windows Magazine, August 1997, page 236.

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