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NT Enterprise
NT Newstrends
Ending the NT Backup Blues

-- by Joseph C. Panettieri

Backing up a Windows NT network will soon become considerably easier. By early next year, most leading NT backup products will be able to communicate with popular storage devices-including magnetic discs, tape and optical media-on your network.

But don't thank developers of NT backup software for this capability. The real credit belongs to HighGround Systems. The Boxborough, Mass., startup is pioneering a technology known as NT Changer Media Services (NTMS), a standard for managing backup media such as robotic libraries and tape drives. Microsoft and HighGround are partnering to embed NTMS directly into NT 5.0, slated for release early next year.

Most prominent backup and media-management companies, including Exabyte Corp., Seagate Software and Legato Systems, have agreed to support HighGround and NTMS. Sources say HighGround and Computer Associates' Cheyenne Division are currently negotiating a similar agreement.

Assuming the Cheyenne deal is announced soon-and we hear it will be-you can expect most major NT backup products to finally support popular storage devices when NT 5.0 arrives.

Windows Magazine, August 1997, page NT10.

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