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Heads Up

The Dell Latitude XPi CD P150ST is a fine machine, but editorial director Fred Langa discovered one painful caveat: If you use Dell's utility for creating the notebook's 31 setup diskettes, it will not generate all the drivers necessary to restore the system from scratch. If you're the fastidious type who likes to wipe your computer clean every so often, be sure to acquire all the drivers you need from Dell before proceeding.

Accidentally mixing memory types-EDO, SDRAM-on motherboards that don't support mixing can lead to hard-to-diagnose crashes during boot-up and shut- down. We discovered one rather unusual way to determine if mixed memory is the problem: Run ScanDisk after booting in DOS mode. If mixed memory modules are the culprit, ScanDisk is unlikely to load, let alone complete a drive check.

If you add an already compressed volume to a Win95 machine, you must mount it using the DriveSpace's Advanced/Mount ... menu option before you can access the compressed files. Unfortunately, Win95 sometimes requires mounting the drive for each reboot. We worked out a bizarre fix: Once you mount the volume, use the Advanced/Change Letter option in DriveSpace. After a reboot, you can change the drive letter back to what it was.

Windows Magazine, August 1997, page 104.

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