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New Products
VBAssist 5.0
Hire New Visual Basic Assistants

Now you can work smarter in Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 with VBAssist 5.0. This version's new Accelerator Assistant identifies and resolves accelerator-key conflicts, while the Property Tips function displays a design tooltip containing user-defined subsets of a control's properties.

The Project Control View offers a hierarchy of forms, modules and classes while it controls and displays the corresponding code.

The program's new Zoom Assistant magnifies areas of your screen, letting you capture selected areas or view them up close to verify object alignment. You can hide IDE windows until you need them with Work Space Assistant; get your objects in line with the Control Alignment Assistant's alignment, sizing and grouping tools; and set tab or control-array order with point-and-click simplicity. Other assistants allow you to add consistent comments to your code, save multiple clipboard items and display properties at the mouse pointer.

$179; upgrades from VBAssist 3.0 and later, $79. Sheridan Software Systems, 800-VBDIRECT, 516-753-0985. Winfo #599

Windows Magazine, August 1997, page 96.

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