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New Products
In Brief

Store traditional one-to-many data objects in a single row without decomposing data into multiple tables or breaking relational rules. Cascade/DB removes the overhead of data joins, speeding data access by storing arbitrarily complex objects as single entities. Using a sparse, tagged, variable-length storage model, Cascade/DB can keep multiple values or nested tables in the same slot of a single record. Databases can be accessed with Visual Basic, Delphi, C and C++ APIs, plus VB and Delphi data-bound controls.



800-441-7822, 425-402-9400

Winfo #602

Build and maintain C++-based software with Code Navigator for C++. This CASE tool lets you write your own code patterns-dynamically executable templates that can adaptively modify an existing shared repository of C++ code. The editor/browser/code-generator combo for Windows 95 or NT lets you visually edit code attributes, provides drag-and-drop code creation and offers built-in and custom automated software design patterns.


Quintessoft Engineering

313-669-0192, fax 313-669-0193

Winfo #604

Add charting to your Java application with JClass Chart. This Java Beans component supports business and scientific charts, a rich text format for labels, titles and legends, and flexible data sources (JDBC, sockets, flat files, JClass LiveTable and others). Interactive features include rotation, translation, drill-down, zoom, editing and scaling.

$399; including source, $999

KL Group

800-663-4723, 416-594-1026

Winfo #603

Windows Magazine, August 1997, page 96.

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