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New Products
eSafe Protect
Defend Your Downloads

Connectivity is now a crucial part of our everyday lives, but with eSafe Protect you can connect with more confidence. The software provides your PC with personal online safety against hostile Java applets; ActiveX controls and plug-ins; infected Netcasted programs via push clients; and viruses in downloaded files, e-mail attachments and document files.

ESafe Protect's "sandbox" technology places downloaded files into a sterile environment and enables you to open them without the risk of damaging or infecting your computer. The program restricts access to unwanted Web and ftp sites, and allowed-only Web and ftp sites. It also controls access to system resources, dial-up modems, Web surfing, and inbound and outbound TCP/IP traffic. The program provides an access-control list that protects your data.

$69.95. eSafe Technologies, 800-477-5177, 954-450-9611. Winfo #567

Windows Magazine, August 1997, page 94.

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