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New Products
Conversions Plus 4.0
The Common Denominator of Apps

You no longer have to fumble around your hard drive in search of a particular application that will open a specific file. Conversions Plus 4.0 is a universal translator of data files. It provides you with WYSIWYG viewing and printing of many word processing, spreadsheet, database and graphics files-regardless of which application created them.

Double-click on any file, and Conversions Plus will automatically search your PC for compatible programs and provide you with a list from which to choose. It can even open files from within any ZIP, GZIP, Z or TAR compressed archive.

The software includes all of the functionality of DataViz's e-ttachment Opener, which can decode any BinHex, UUencoded or MIME-encoded e-mail attachment. Additionally, it contains the features of MacOpener, which lets you read, write and format Mac media from your PC, and provides file conversions between Mac and PC programs.

This version includes new translators for programs such as Microsoft Office 97 (Word and Excel), Corel WordPerfect Suite 7 (WordPerfect and Quattro Pro) and ClarisWorks 4.0.

$99; upgrade, $39.95. DataViz, 800-733-0030, 203-268-0030. Winfo #566

Conversions Plus 4.0 provides easy access to any file, even from within compressed archives.

Windows Magazine, August 1997, page 94.

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