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New Products
In Brief

You can quickly locate information on your hard drive, LAN or the Internet with TurboFind from Alpha Publishing. The program creates a dynamic index of the contents on your hard drive, and can update on the fly, enabling TurboFind to answer your search queries instantaneously. For Internet searches, it utilizes familiar search engines such as Excite, Lycos and Yahoo.


Alpha Publishing

800-451-1018, 617-229-2924

Winfo #569

Searcher Professional is a multithreaded search utility that runs on Windows 95 and NT.

It can search for files on any FAT or NTFS partition, within any zip-compressed archive, or across several disks based on contents, date or size. Wild-card expressions are supported.



800-217-0932, 619-549-8955

Winfo #570

Windows Magazine, August 1997, page 94.

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