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New Products
Business Productivity
New Movers ConnX and SOHO ConnX
Make Serious Business ConnXions

Newly relocated consumers need new sources for all their household needs. With New Movers ConnX, you can let them know what products and services you offer. The program lets you create a profile of promising prospects using a database of more than three million households, combined with specialized search criteria. You can then generate mailing lists and create customized reports.

The SOHO market can be hard to pinpoint since it can operate from residences or nontraditional locations. SOHO ConnX can help you track down those potential customers using its quarterly updated database, built-in mapping and highly targeted search criteria. The program aims to increase response rates and reduce marketing and selling costs.

$49 each. Serious Business Software, 888-862-6669, 813-288-8548. Winfo #585

Windows Magazine, August 1997, page 92.

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