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New Products
Business Productivity
Venture Out into the Big Business World

MySoftware Company's new ProVenture product line can give your small business a big-business look. ProVenture Mail Tools works with popular database, spreadsheet and word processing programs. This add-on tool provides a series of specialized mailing capabilities such as address correction and bulk-mail sorting.

ProVenture Custom Business Stationery lets you create professional business stationery using various layout and design options. The program gives you the design flexibility to import and crop graphics and to control brightness. You can update your company address or add new employees using the built-in address book.

With ProVenture Billing Solution, you can manage your entire billing process, from invoicing to collecting payments. You can create professional and customizable invoices and estimates; track customer account information such as accounts receivable, balances due and payments received; and use the Tracker Window to notify you when a customer's payment is overdue.

Mail Tools, $49.95; Custom Business Stationery, $34.95; Billing Solution, $79.95. MySoftware Co., 800-325-3508, 415-473-3600. Winfo #583

Windows Magazine, August 1997, page 92.

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