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New Products
In Brief

Get your schedule and contact information organized in less time than it takes to flip through a Rolodex. Names & Dates organizes your address book, schedule and To Do list. You can customize and print your schedule or print your address book in popular planner formats.


Block Financial Corp.

800-813-7940, 816-751-6000

Winfo #586

Info Select 4's new PIM abilities include e-mail, browser integration, linking and file synchronization. A Sorting Bin makes it easier to organize data into topics. The program's advanced writing tools include a revamped spell checker and thesaurus.

$99.95; upgrade, $69.95

MicroLogic Corp.

800-342-5930, 201-342-6518

Winfo #587

Invest 1.0, an add-on to Starfish Software's Sidekick personal organizer, can help you keep track of information on more than 200 public stocks, including stock symbols and company Web sites. Notefiles outline how to optimize the CardFile, calendars and other Sidekick features for investments.


Riverwalk Software

630-983-4340, fax 630-904-4563

Winfo #588

Windows Magazine, August 1997, page 92.

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