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Fractal Design Painter 5
Keep All Your New Paint Brushes in One Can

Artists and designers will discover lots of paint and image-editing goodies packed inside Fractal Design Painter 5's tin can. More than 100 new brushes and dynamic effects have been added, along with support for Photoshop files, interface customization and GIF animation.

With Photo Brushes, you can remove scratches and recolor your photos. Gooey Brushes allow you to turn images into liquid pools, while Super-Cloning Brushes transform images for scale, skew and mirror, twist and rubber stamp. You can paint with fire and neon with Super F/X Brushes, or create and paint on transparent layers when you use Layer Brushes.

Dynamic Plug-in Floaters perform image-processing effects, which can be changed without altering the original source. You can customize the predefined palettes by tearing off menu items and placing them on your own palettes.

$449; upgrade, $99. MetaCreations Corp., 800-846-0111, 408-430-4100. Winfo #577

Windows Magazine, August 1997, page 90.

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