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New Products
In Brief
Animation Software

You can drag and drop pictures, sounds and videos from your desktop into ObjectDancer 1.1 to create animation for the Web or multimedia. The software includes native support for PostScript and TrueType fonts, and uses custom GIF color palettes for the Web. The program supports field rendering to optimize animation for video-broadcast specifications.



415-261-6180, fax 415-261-0412

Winfo #581

GIF Animator 1.5 is a 32-bit GIF animation composition tool that offers simple ways to animate GIF89a files. Its Startup Wizard offers you four ways to get started, while its Super Palette converts and enhances compression. The Layer Panel Display modes reveal thumbnails of each frame in either actual or user-defined size. With Multiple Layer Image Cropping, you can crop the current image layer, user-selected image layers or all layers.


Ulead Systems

800-858-5323, 310-523-9393

Winfo #582

Windows Magazine, August 1997, page 90.

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