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New Products
Web Tracking in E.P.I.C. Proportions

Be careful how you spend your idle time in the office. E.P.I.C. (Equitrac's Professional Internet Client), an Internet tracking, monitoring and blocking client/server software tool, lets administrators track time spent online, monitor online research, and track e-mail sent and received for billing and project-management purposes.

The program's blocking features prohibit up to 50,000 sites, which are updated weekly, including those focused on pornography, leisure, hate material, and objectionable newsgroups. An easy-to-use tabbed interface lets you customize the software by department, site, time of day, workstation and day of the week. Its ODBC-compliant database can reside on any server on the network.

From $79 to $149. Equitrac, 800-327-0183, 0305-442-2060. Winfo #606

Windows Magazine, August 1997, page 88.

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