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New Products
Hit List Pro 3.0
A Database for Everyone on Your Hit List

Hit List Pro 3.0 produces comprehensive activity reports for Web sites using Marketwave's exclusive QuickList database architecture. The system stores summary log file information using data compression, thereby decreasing disk space requirements. The result: Hit List's database can be as much as 90 percent smaller than the original log files. An entire year or more of logs can be stored in the database, decreasing analysis time.

Remote Reporting lets you gather your information from anywhere in the world. With the Event Scheduler, you can set the program to import log files, run logs at specific times, distribute them via e-mail and handle database maintenance, even when you're not there.

The Virtual Server Manager automates reporting for organizations with multiple virtual servers and user directories.

Hit List enables you to create a wide range of presentation-quality reports that are complete with graphs and custom text.

$1,995. Marketwave, 800-521-8176, 206-682-6801. Winfo #605

Windows Magazine, August 1997, page 88.

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