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New Products
In Brief

Monitor, diagnose and heal any Internet performance problems with Net.Medic. This browser companion software determines the source of slow response times from Web sites (whether caused by your PC, modem, ISP or Web server) and then recommends solutions or fixes the problem itself whenever possible. Net.Medic maintains a list of performance problems and their causes, and recommends the appropriate remedy for many common Internet ailments.


VitalSigns Software

888-9VITAL9, 408-980-8844

Winfo #608

SafeSearch blocks access to questionable sites and eliminates any search-results sites that would be considered inappropriate. The program filters out sources not published in English. It also rates Internet sites for suitability to different age groups and maintains them in a comprehensive directory.


InterGo Communications

972-424-7882, fax 972-424-5503

Winfo #609

Windows Magazine, August 1997, page 88.

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