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New Products
Micropolis Mustang 4550A
Mustang Drive Has Horsepower

You won't want to pull back on the reins with the Micropolis Mustang 4550A hard drive. It can haul a total capacity of 5GB and has a 16.6MBps transfer rate with a 10.5ms seek time. It spins at 5200rpm with a 256KB cache buffer.

To enhance performance, the drive uses Micropolis' WriteNow function, which allows up to four commands to be stored in a 90KB write buffer. The Mustang also includes a 168-bit triple-burst on-the-fly error-correction capability that ensures data integrity and a PRML read channel, which uses digital filtering to handle high-bit densities required to achieve high capacities.

The Mustang offers a three-year warranty, a mean time between failure rating of 400,000 hours and a 40-pin enhanced IDE interface.

$400. Micropolis, 800-395-DRIVE, 818-709-3300. Winfo #590

Windows Magazine, August 1997, page 86.

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