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New Products
Maxtor DiamondMax 1750
Maxtor Drive Rolls a Lucky Seven

Seven seems to be the magic number for the Maxtor DiamondMax 1750 line of hard drives. The company's largest drive holds 7GB and costs only 7 cents per megabyte.

The DiamondMax 1750 squeezes 1.7GB on each platter, which translates to an areal density of 1200MB per square inch. It has an average seek time of less than 10 milliseconds and a data-transfer rate of 33MB per second.

To attain its high capacity and performance, the 1750 relies on the latest hard-drive technologies, such as magnetoresistive heads and PRML read channels. The Formula4 head disk assembly allows it to reach higher performance rates at a lower cost per megabyte. The drive also contains a 256KB cache buffer and incorporates an UltraDMA interface.

With a rotational speed of 5200rpm, the 1750 drive has an estimated mean time between failure of 500,000 hours. It also meets EPA Energy Star regulations for Green PC standards. The drive is in compliance with the Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.) system and has a start/stop cycle rating of 50,000.

All Maxtor drives are backed by No Quibble Service, which includes 24-hour automated support, phone operators during normal business hours, fax-back service and online bulletin-board assistance.

$499. Maxtor Corp., 800-2MAXTOR, 303-678-2125. Winfo #589

Windows Magazine, August 1997, page 86.

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