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New Products
In Brief
56K Modems

The Global Village TelePort 56 x2 fax/modem uses the x2 DSP software upgrade from Texas Instruments to ensure maximum x2 performance and future upgradability. The TelePort 56 internal ISA card and external x2 fax/modem include a 4Mb Flash ROM and auto-select x2 or V.34/33.6Kbps mode, depending on the connection available.

Internal, $159; external, $169

Global Village

800-736-4821, 408-523-1000

Winfo #591

The Logicode Quicktel and Quicktel II 56Kbps modems utilize x2 technology for high-speed Internet connections. The external Quicktel II modem boasts a front-mounted, push-button power switch and built-in microphone and speakers; it is made of lightweight anodized aluminum in platinum-gray and titanium-black tones.

From $129.95


800-735-6442, 805-383-2500

Winfo #592

The Golden Bullet PC56 RVP 56Kbps internal data/fax/voice modem uses Lucent/Rockwell's K56Flex technology. The RVP features voice capabilities, a full-duplex speakerphone, analog simultaneous voice and data (ASVD) and flash upgrades, and it is Plug-and-Play compatible.


E-Tech Research

510-438-6700, fax 510-438-6701

Winfo #593

Windows Magazine, August 1997, page 86.

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