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New Products
Laser Printers
Minolta PageWorks
PageWorks Provides Plenty of Printing

How about a printer for each day of the work week? It may be impractical, but it's now possible with the new line of Minolta PageWorks laser printers. The family of five features the Minolta Super Fine-MT developing system, which uses a technology similar to offset printing.

Four units print in monochrome: The PageWorks 6e and PageWorks 6L print 6 pages per minute, the PageWorks 12 prints 12ppm and the PageWorks 20 delivers 20ppm. The 6L offers 600dpi and has a 15,000 page-per-month duty cycle. The remaining three print between 15,000 and 75,000 pages at 1200dpi using Fine-ART smoothing technology for sharper text and graphics.

The star of the family, the Color PageWorks, produces 3ppm color and 12ppm monochrome at 600dpi. It prints full-page graphics with 4MB of memory.

Minolta's 6e and Color PageWorks include an Intel RISC processor, while PageWorks 12 and PageWorks 20 have a 100MHz 64-bit RISC processor. All models except the 6e have an IEEE-1284 bidirectional parallel interface; the 6e has a dual ECP parallel interface. Color PageWorks and PageWorks 20 are also network-capable, with optional Ethernet and token-ring multiprotocol high-speed network boards for IPX/SPX, TCP/IP, Ethertalk and Windows NT.

PageWorks 6e, $429; 6L, $319; 12, $999; 20, $1,499; Color PageWorks, $2,995. Minolta Corp., 888-2MINOLTA, 201-512-5800. Winfo #594

Windows Magazine, August 1997, page 84.

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