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New Products
In Brief

The Diamond Multimedia Monster Sound PCI-based audio accelerator can enhance your multimedia capabilities with its multistream positional 3D audio. It provides true-to-life 3D sound with its quad-speaker output. Designed as a DirectSound and DirectSound 3D audio accelerator for Windows 95, the board ships with high-end games such as LucasArts Entertainment's Outlaws, Maxis' SimCopter and GT Interactive's Tiger Shark.


Diamond Multimedia Systems

800-468-5846, 408-325-7000

Winfo #613

The MidiLand Capriccio speaker system boasts a pair of 20-watt satellite speakers and a 35W subwoofer powerful enough to emit 3D sound. You use a desktop master controller to adjust settings such as volume, treble and bass. It includes a headphone jack and a special digital control that helps prevent humming.



888-592-1168, 909-592-1168

Winfo #614

Cakewalk Pro Audio 6.0 provides MIDI and digital audio processing effects for integration with Microsoft DirectX third-party audio plug-ins, such as those from Tracer Technologies, Waves and Qsound Labs. It features StudioWare, which allows you to design custom-interface panels to control a variety of studio hardware.

$429; deluxe, $529

Cakewalk Music Software

888-CAKEWALK, 617-926-2480

Winfo #615

Windows Magazine, August 1997, page 82.

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