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New Products
Cornerstone Color 45/101sf
Small Package Packs High Power

The Cornerstone Color 45/101sf 19-inch (18.1-inch viewable) high-performance monitor provides power and saves space at the same time. Its 17.8 by 17.6 by 18.1-inch frame fits snugly into any area that would normally accommodate a 17-inch monitor.

With a maximum resolution of 1600x1280 at 76Hz (recommended 1600x1200 at 81Hz), the unit delivers a vertical scan frequency range of 50Hz to 160Hz, a 0.26mm dot pitch and on-screen digital controls. Its SuperFocus technology maintains a small circular beam throughout the screen for sharper text readability and image quality from edge to edge. Cornerstone claims a 300,000-hour mean time between failure and offers a three-year warranty.

$1,295. Cornerstone Imaging, 800-562-2552, 408-435-8900. Winfo #574

Windows Magazine, August 1997, page 74.

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