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New Products
Hitachi/NSA SuperScan Elite 751
A Big Picture in a Space-Saving Size

If a 21-inch monitor is too large for your desktop, but a 17-inch screen is a tad too small, the Hitachi/NSA SuperScan Elite 751 may be just right. This 19-inch CRT color monitor has a footprint equivalent to that of the average 17-inch monitor. It measures 17.9 by 17.6 by 18.1 inches, weighs 53 pounds and has an 18-inch viewable area with a 0.22mm dot pitch.

The SuperScan Elite supports a 1600x1200 noninterpolated resolution with vertical refresh rates from 50Hz to 160Hz. Easy Menu on-screen controls offer both basic and advanced adjustments, including true-color RGB control plus white balance selection.

This Invar shadow mask monitor has a dark-tint panel combined with a new A-EA-MDF electron gun, which offers more luminance to deliver a sharp, high-contrast picture. The gun also provides prefocus lens ability, which enhances the focus at the screen's center. The monitor requires only 125 watts to power up and is Energy Star- and VESA DPMS-compliant. The SuperScan Elite meets the strict MPRII and CE standards for low emissions control, and is covered under a three-year warranty.

$1,149. Hitachi/NSA, 800-441-4832, 617-461-8300. Winfo #572

Windows Magazine, August 1997, page 74.

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