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New Products
In Brief
LCD Projectors

The Lightware MVP800 LCD projector weighs 9.45 pounds and projects 275 ANSI lumens with a 250W metal halide arc lamp. It features a pop-up lens, a 3W/channel stereo amplifier and built-in speakers, and is PC and Mac compatible. With a single full-color 6.5-inch LCD panel, it projects a 40- to 200-inch diagonal image at 800x600 resolution.



800-445-9396, 503-641-7873

Winfo #575

The ViewSonic PJ800 LCD projector illuminates your presentations with 550 ANSI lumens and a 260W DC metal halide lamp. Its 21.6-pound frame sports three 1.3-inch polysilicon active LCD panels, which produce 30- to 300-inch diagonal images that support a maximum 1024x768 resolution.


ViewSonic Corp.

800-888-8583, 909-869-7976

Winfo #576

Windows Magazine, August 1997, page 74.

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