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New Products
In Brief
Mobile Computing

The Fujitsu-ICL TeamPad 7600 pen-based pocket computer is light enough (1.7 pounds) to carry everywhere, but rugged enough to survive a four-foot drop onto concrete. It has a 100MHz 486 processor, 8MB RAM and a 7.2-inch (diagonal) color VGA LCD with 640x480 resolution. The TeamPad includes a high-speed infrared port, three PCMCIA slots (one Type II, one Type III and one compact), and it supports Windows 3.x and 95.


Fujitsu-ICL Systems

800-228-8683, 619-457-9900

Winfo #554

Without the use of a keyboard, the Sharp SE-500 organizer lets you send and receive Internet e-mail and synchronize with PIM applications. The SE-500 has a built-in modem, a docking station and an IrDA port. You can write handwritten notes to attach as e-mail messages, but you must use the included Puma IntelliSync software to synchronize your PC PIM data.


Sharp Electronics Corp.

800-BE-SHARP, 201-529-8200

Winfo #555

Windows Magazine, August 1997, page 72.

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