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New Products
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Imaging Software

Create your own 360-degree panoramic images for real-time Web navigation.

PhotoVista image-stitching software automatically pieces together and aligns any series of photos. The bandwidth-conservative panoramic files are typically less than 100KB. The program also advises you on the correct number of photos to take with your lens setting. PhotoVista accepts images from all scanners and 35mm digital cameras.


Live Picture

800-724-7900, 408-438-9610

Winfo #658

Capture video frames with GrabIT, an external six-frame video digitizer for the PC. Accepting both composite video and S-VHS inputs, it can be connected directly to your computer's parallel port. GrabIT allows you to capture images off the screen in 24-bit color and save them in BMP, PCX, JPEG, TIFF or Targa formats. The program lets you preview a video in full-color sequence and simultaneously adjust the color before capturing the images. The unit ships with Family Album Creator, iPhotoExpress and PhotoMorph II software.



510-661-2525, fax 510-252-1572

Winfo #659

With Polaroid's Before and After imaging software, you can brighten and sharpen digitized pictures with a mouse click. The program uses Polaroid's Image Quality Assured technology for image enhancement. You can use Before and After on your PC with any scanned photos or photos taken directly from a digital camera.


Polaroid Corp.

800-533-9680, 617-386-2000

Winfo #660

Windows Magazine, August 1997, page 71.

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