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New Products
Digital Cameras
Digital Cameras: Lightweight and Feature-Rich

As digital cameras become as ubiquitous as their film-based predecessors, Toshiba enters the market with its PDR-2 digital camera that boasts advanced CMOS technology as well as PC Card interface capabilities.

Weighing just 5.3 ounces and measuring 2.125 by 4.125 by 0.75 inches, the camera fits easily into a shirt pocket. Its lithium ion battery allows you to take up to 500 pictures.

In Standard mode, Toshiba's proprietary SmartMedia SSFDC card takes up to 48 images with a 2MB card and 96 images with a 4MB card. You can capture your images in 24-bit color and store them in JPEG format. The compact size of the cards enables you to carry more than one, giving you an almost unlimited number of images. And once you've downloaded the images on your desktop, the camera is ready to take more.

Bundled with Sierra Imaging's Image Expert and Live Picture's LivePix, the camera offers true drag-and-drop capabilities using an on-screen filmstrip from which you can select and download pictures.

$499. Toshiba Imaging Systems Division, 800-288-1354, 714-583-3000. Winfo #652

Minolta Dimage V

Featuring a detachable rotating lens and a 1-meter extension cable, the Minolta Dimage V digital camera can capture images around corners and confined areas. A 1.8-inch LCD color monitor previews shots at a 640x480 resolution, without the aid of a PC. The camera measures 2.8 by 5.2 by 1.5 inches, weighs approximately 8 ounces and runs on two AA batteries.

$895. Minolta Corp., 201-825-4000, fax 800-528-4767. Winfo #653

Nikon Coolpix 100

The Nikon Coolpix 100 digital camera features an optical viewfinder with electronic shutter, macro close-up capability, programmed auto exposure, built-in auto flash and an LCD control panel. Other features include a self-timer, auto white balance and high-capacity image storage.

The 5.6-ounce camera functions with any Type II or Type III PC card. The pictures are stored as JPEG files, which may require additional application software for decompression.

The Coolpix 100 provides 24-bit color reproduction using two picture-quality modes: Fine (up to 21 high-quality images using lower image compression) and Normal (up to 42 normal-quality images using higher image compression). The camera is powered by four AA batteries and measures 6.1 by 2.4 by 1.4 inches.

$690. Nikon, 516-547-4200, fax 516-547-0299. Winfo #656

Konica Q-EZ

Konica has joined the push to create smaller, lighter and more PC-compatible digital cameras with its Konica Q-EZ.

The camera features Intel's matchbook-sized Miniature Card, a PC-compatible digital medium for storing images, text and voice data.

The Q-EZ, which has a 640x480 resolution ratio, sports an electronic shutter that functions at speeds up to 1/2000 of a second, making it ideal for split-second action photos and shooting in brightly lit areas.

The camera ships

with Adobe PhotoDeluxe, which manipulates images, and MGI PhotoSuite, which allows organization and cataloging of photos, clip art, graphics, and sound and video clips. The unit comes with a wrist strap, a soft case, four alkaline batteries, a PC/AT serial cable and Macintosh converter adapter, a CD-ROM with Twain Driver Software and a CD-ROM guide.

$399.95. Konica U.S.A., 800-285-6422, 201-568-3100. Winfo #654

Kodak Digital Science DC120

How sharp can your pictures really be? The Kodak Digital Science DC120 zoom digital camera includes a motor-driven 3X zoom lens that delivers a 24-bit 1280x960 resolution. Its sliding built-in cover houses the electronic flash and protects the viewfinder and exposure sensor. When light falls below a certain level, the camera automatically activates its built-in flash, which illuminates objects up to 14 feet away.

The on-board, flip-up color LCD screen lets you review, organize or delete any unwanted pictures.

The DC120 ships with 2MB of internal storage, allowing you to store up to 20 pictures.

$999. Eastman Kodak Co., 800-235-6325, 716-726-7260. Winfo #655

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