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How To Buy
Sites to Be Seen

The following sites provide resources for anyone interested in flatbed scanners.

-- http://cctpwww.cityu.edu.hk/public/graphics/g3_scan.htm. Technical Information Series, Scanner and Related Information (City University of Hong Kong); links to tons of scanner information, including scanner manufacturer home pages, articles, and hardware and software information.

-- http://www.smithy.net/TMC/TMC_ten_tips_article.html. Ten Tips on Scanning; pithy hints on how to get good results from just about any scanner.

-- http://www.infomedia.net/scan/The-Scan-FAQ.html. The Scanning FAQ; tips and techniques of image scanning for the desktop publisher, multimedia presenter and graphic artist; describes the unique problems of scanning different types of art, including line art, halftones, gray-scale and color images.

-- http://www.dpi-scanner-authority.com/288int/search-s/mainsrch.html. DPI Electronic Imaging Systems; opportunity to search for scanners by manufacturer, resolution, bit depth and more; explains how scanners work and provides information about image-editing software.

-- http://www.mustek.com/links-3.html. Mustek; links to sites with free, shareware and trial versions of scanning software.

Windows Magazine, August 1997, page 246.

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