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Password Protection

Dial-up Internet users should make sure no one else can log on to their ISP accounts by always requiring that the password be typed in. To protect your account, open your dial-up connection; make sure your password field is blank and the Save Password option is not checked.

Search a Web Page

If you're looking for a particular word or phrase on a Web page, you can find it fast by pressing Ctrl+F to bring up a search dialog box.

Sign Your E-Mail

Both Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer allow you to add a signature or signature file to the end of every e-mail message you send. To set this option in Navigator, choose Options/Mail and News Preferences, click on the Identity tab, and type in the path and filename of your signature file (or browse your hard disk for it). To set a signature file in IE, go into Mail, select Mail/Options and click on the Signature tab to set your preferences.

Build a New Home

You can designate another Web page as home, which will load when you start your browser or click on the Home icon on the toolbar. Under Navigator, select Options/General Preferences, then type in a new address for Browser Starts With: in the Startup area. Reach IE's home page dialog through View/Options and the Navigation tab.

Create Internet Shortcuts

Both major browsers allow you to add desktop shortcuts to your favorite bookmarked Web pages. Under Netscape Communicator, click on Bookmarks\Edit Bookmarks; when the bookmarks window appears, highlight the Web page you desire and select File\Create Shortcut. In IE 3.0, open Favorites\Organize Favorites. Highlight the desired page, hold down the right-mouse button and drag the page to the desktop. For IE 4.0, open the Organize Favorites window, then highlight the Web page you want. Click on the right-mouse button and then select Create Shortcut.

Get a Permanent Address

If you have an unwieldy or frequently changing e-mail address, you can pay a service a small annual fee to get a permanent, easy-to-remember address. The service forwards your mail to your real mailbox. IC Group (http://www.pobox.com/) and Four11 (http://four11.iname.com/intro/welcome.html) run two of the better services.

Turn Off the Shell

If you installed the Web integration shell with IE 4.0, you can turn it off by going to the Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs utility. On the Install/Uninstall tab, scroll down until you see "Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0-Integrated Browser Mode." Highlight it, then click on the Add/Remove button.

Get Around

Instead of pressing the Back or Forward button in IE 4.0 several times to get to a page you've already visited, right-click on either button to choose the site.

Drew Gandy

Switch Messenger Mailbox Views

The Netscape Communicator Messenger Mailbox lets you easily switch between viewing only message headers and a dual-paned headers/contents window. If you see only headers, switch by clicking on the small arrow in the lower left-hand corner of the window. If you want to hide the Contents pane, click on the small arrow on the left-hand side of the bar separating the headers and the Contents pane.

Rename Web Pages

Give your bookmarks and favorites meaningful titles. Under Internet Explorer, pick Organize Favorites from the drop-down Favorites menu; you can change a site's name by highlighting it, then by either clicking on it again (just like you rename files on the Desktop) or clicking the Rename button. Netscape Navigator puts the renaming option under the Bookmarks/Go to Bookmarks/Edit menu option. Highlight the one you want to rename and select Properties either by right-clicking or by selecting the Item menu option. Then type in the new name.

Windows Magazine, July 1997, page 102.

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