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Windows on the Web
News Briefs

- Several modem makers are planning to release devices that can reach speeds of 100Kb per second to 168Kbps over analog phone lines, according to WINDOWS Magazine's sister publication Computer Retail Week. U.S. Robotics plans to introduce a two-line router that reaches speeds of 112Kbps by fusing two phone lines. Several K56flex vendors plan similar releases, according to chip maker Rockwell Semiconductor. And Ramp Networks was planning to release a device, called WebRamp M3, that fuses three lines to reach 168Kbps.

- America Online and ABC Sports will produce an ABC Sports area on AOL. The area will offer broadcast programming as well as on-air and online advertising packages. AOL says the area will serve as a model for bringing together on-air and online programming, advertising and commerce.

- The average online shopper is male (79 percent), a college graduate (81 percent), Caucasian (74 percent) and earns $75,000, according to a study by research firm Binary Compass Enterprises (BCE). The firm gathered its data from seven online retail sites soon after customers made their purchases. New shoppers on a site spent an average of $127, while repeat visitors spent $251-almost twice as much-according to the study.

- Forbes' new media division has launched a free, daily online business magazine. The focus of "Forbes Digital Tool" (http://www.forbes.com) includes technology, media and political trends, investing and digital entertainment. There's also a database of financial information, daily mutual fund updates and a stock market index.

Windows Magazine, July 1997, page 232.

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