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Windows on the Web
Here's How

This month, we highlight the best Web sites related to Windows CE, Microsoft's new 32-bit operating system for pocket computers.


WinMag's Windows CE resource page is jam-packed with news and information, an in-depth Q&A and related product reviews, as well as links to sites containing information on pocket computers and other WinCE products.


Microsoft's Mobile Worker Magazine online publication contains tips and tricks, news updates and information for application developers.


Microsoft's main Windows CE page is a solid starting point for exploring this OS. In addition to Q&As and the About section's CE overview, you'll find information on CE-based application development, the latest on pocket computers, and links to free downloads and demos.


Check out Craig Peacock's Windows CE Pages for software downloads, bug fixes, CE games, and directories of CE hardware and software vendors. You'll also find handy spec sheets on pocket computers.


Todd's Windows CE Information Compendium isn't flashy, but it offers an extensive and up-to-date directory of WinCE Web sites, accompanied by related pages at each site. This page is divided into general CE references, devices, services and software, and retail sites for purchasing CE products.


If you're looking for CE products, head over to HPC.net. In addition to tips, links and news, this site offers a classified listing for third-party users looking to buy and sell CE equipment.

Windows Magazine, July 1997, page 230.

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