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NT Enterprise
NT Product Pipeline -- Hardware
IBM IntelliStation Z Pro, Intergraph TD-200DV Desktop Video Station, Micron ClientPro XVI
NT Desktop Deluge

There's never been a better time to buy a high-end Windows NT desktop system.

Microsoft says NT Workstation is selling more than 300,000 copies per month, and PC vendors are more than happy to meet the high demand for NT hardware.

IBM, as expected, is shipping the IntelliStation Z Pro (see NT Newstrends, April), an NT workstation for CAD/CAM, digital media content creation, software development and financial services applications. The IntelliStation supports up to 1GB of RAM, 9.1GB of storage, one or two 200MHz Pentium Pro processors, a 16X CD-ROM drive and a graphics card from Matrox or Intergraph.

IBM's TME 10 NetFinity and Intel's LANDesk Client Manager are included for client management services. The system also supports Wake on LAN, a standard for remotely managing the workstation even when it is powered off.

From $3,749 to $10,000

IBM Corp.

800-426-2968, 914-766-1900

Desktop video editors may prefer Intergraph's TD-200DV Desktop Video Station, an NT system equipped with an Ultra/Wide SCSI controller and two 4GB Ultra/Wide SCSI hard drives and Truevision's RTX video I/O (a hardware solution for desktop video editing), as well as various video editing software.

The TD-200DV system comes with a 200MHz Pentium processor with Intel's MMX technology, 16MB of RAM and a 1.2GB hard drive.

From $7,500

Intergraph Computer Systems

800-763-0242, 205-730-5441

Circle #784

For mainstream Windows NT users, direct PC specialist Micron Electronics offers the ClientPro XVI, a managed business PC.

The system comes with a 180MHz or 200MHz Pentium Pro processor, 16MB of EDO RAM, a 1.2GB hard drive, DMI 2.0-enabled BIOS, Intel's LANDesk Client Manager and self-monitoring EIDE hard drives. A 12X CD-ROM drive, a 3Com 3C509 Ethernet adapter, a 64-bit graphics accelerator and a 15-inch monitor also come standard with this desktop system.

From $1,999

Micron Electronics

800-9-MICRON, 208-893-3434

Circle #785

Windows Magazine, July 1997, page NT14.

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