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NT Product Pipeline -- Software
Alcom LanFax NT 5.0, Gold-Fax, FAXmaker 4.03 for Exchange, Fax Sr. 1.2.2
Point-and-Click Faxing

Instead of walking printed documents to a fax machine, send faxes over your NT network using new server offerings from Alcom Corp., Data Processing Design, GFI FAX & Voice Ltd. or Omtool.

Alcom LanFax NT 5.0 lets you send or receive faxes from any networked Windows desktop or remote laptop running a MAPI-compatible mail client, such as Microsoft Exchange or Outlook. It also includes Alcom IntraFax, an HTML interface that lets you send or receive faxes from a Web browser.

From $495

Alcom Corp.


Circle #790

Data Processing Design's Gold-Fax operates like a typical network print service designed for Win16 and Win32 desktops.

Faxes can be scaled, rotated and automatically sized either vertically or horizontally within your viewing window. Personal and global fax phone books store your company's frequently used numbers. Gold-Fax will automatically retry busy or no-answer transmissions.

Features include a Delayed Send option that lets you distribute faxes during the off-peak evening hours when telephone rates are likely to be lower.

From $995 for five users

Data Processing Design

888-TRY-GFAX, 714-695-1000

Circle #791

GFI FAX & Voice's FAXmaker 4.03 for Exchange lets you send and receive faxes from your Microsoft Exchange client. The server portion of this software runs as an NT service. All fax-related user settings, such as cover page, template, fax authorization, routing and defaults, can be configured in the Exchange Administrator.

Incoming faxes can be edited, returned to the sender or rerouted to another recipient. Up to 32 telephone lines per fax server can be supported using multiport boards, selected fax modems, fax cards or ISDN cards.

Faxes can also be conveniently archived for backup and quick retrieval.

From $395 for five users

GFI FAX & Voice Ltd.

888-2-GFIFAX, 716-265-1380

Circle #792

Fax Sr. 1.2.2 can support multiple e-mail systems simultaneously, including Lotus cc:Mail, Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Mail. Users can fax directly from their desktops via their native e-mail interface, such as Exchange client or Microsoft Outlook.

Managers can access an approval inbox to review company faxes prior to distribution. If a manager denies approval, the fax's originator receives an electronic message containing instructions for changes.

From $2,495 for 25 users


800-886-7845, 603-898-8900

Circle #793

Windows Magazine, July 1997, page NT09.

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