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New Products
Probe Your Code

Conduct fast in-depth code analysis on 32-bit Intel x86 Windows applications with HiProf. Introduced by TracePoint, a spin-off of Digital Equipment Corp., HiProf uses a patented Binary Code Instrumentation technology to gather complete, precise data. It operates on binary code by inserting probes within the code to measure, analyze or modify the functionality of the program. No source code or OBJ files are needed. The program graphically displays the hierarchical relationship of parent functions, including data on a per-thread basis, and helps you spot performance bottlenecks.

You can select which executables and DLLs, in whole or in part, are to be analyzed.

$599. TracePoint Technology, 888-688-2504, 408-283-5377. Circle #594

Add credit card processing to your applications with PC Charge 3.0. A 32-bit ActiveX interface and VBX custom control incorporates back-end credit card processing of sales, credits and voids. You can invoke the Send method to begin the transaction, and PC-Charge will trigger an event when the transaction is complete.

The software comes network-ready, which allows you to process transactions simultaneously from multiple terminals.

$295; Interface Kit, $130. GO Software, 800-725-9264, 912-925-4048. Circle #595

Windows Magazine, July 1997, page 90.

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